Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Just Another F***ing Post!

[If this offends you, get the f*** outta here!]

Well, the origins of f*** are supposedly just this, perhaps a myth, but a reasonable one: After years of a puritan king in England, when he was gone and Edward took over, a new era of relaxed inhibitions and libertine social behavior took over. [See "The Libertine" with Johnny Depp]. The king decreed that not only could women act on stage now, but that he wanted everyone to have sex as often as possible, hence "Fornicate Under Command of the King" became shortened to simply "f***".

Ironically it was considered much more polite a word in society than "intercourse", which was the F-word of its day! This has to be British; over there the word "fanny" refers to a woman's front side and not the derriere, and is considered a very impolite word.

F*** has generally become one of those words like "run", that has so many uses that is serves for nearly every purpose. F***in-A to that!
[Someone emailed me the basis of this list yrs ago, then someone recently as well - so I'm sure this list has been circulating for decades by now - I merely added some more and here it is.. comment with even more, you're so f***ing smart!]

1) Surprise - “What the f*** are you doing here?”
2) Fraud - “I got f***ed by the car dealer.”
3) Resignation - “Oh, f*** it!”
4) Trouble - “I guess I'm f***ed now.”
5) Aggression - “F*** YOU!”
6) Disgust - “F*** me.”
7) Confusion - “What the f***...?”
8) Difficulty - “I don't understand this f***ing business!”
9) Despair - “F***ed again....”
10) Pleasure - “I couldn't be f***ing happier.”
11) Displeasure - “What the f*** is going on here?”
12) Lost - “Where the f*** are we?”
13) Disbelief - “un-f***ING-believable!”
14) Retaliation - “Up your f***ing ass!”
15) Denial - “I didn't f***ing do it.”
16) Perplexity - “I don't know f*** about it.”
17) Apathy - “Who really gives a f*** anyway?”
18) Greetings - “How the f*** are ya?”
19) Suspicion - “Who the f*** are you?” and "What the f*** are you doing here?"
20) Panic - “Let's get the f*** out of here!”
21) Directions - “F*** off.”
22) Awe - “How the f*** did you do that?”
23) Paranoia - "Who the f*** are you looking at?"
24) Doom - "We're in some deep f***ing shit now!"
25) Monarchistic Doom - "We're royally f***ed now.."
26) Agnosticism - "F*** God!"
27) Bravado - "Yeah? - you wanna f*** with ME?"
28) Disgust - "Now that's just f***ing sick."
29) Rage - "I'm gonna f*** you up real good!"
30) Inebriation - "Man, he was totally f***ed up."
31) Intelligent Retort - "Yeah, well f*** you, too!"
32) Greatness - "Man, that was some f***ing concert!"


Tjenarvi said...

It's very american way of f*** language

Mariana said...

LOL this post is f***ing good
and your blog is great, love it :)


Question: If we used a more anglicised version like PHUCK!, would it be as offensive( or useful) to most?

Anonymous said...