Sunday, January 6, 2008

That's Insulting in Other Lands

Not every culture uses the same insults, here are some from abroad.

China: To be called a turtle is the worst possible insult
Norway: devil is highly taboo, one letter worse than four letters
South Africa: The Xoxa tribe hates “your mother’s ears
France: a cow or camel is pretty bad, but preceded by espèce de (“kind of”) is even worse
Germany: don’t be a schweinehund, or a “pig dog”
Spain: tu madre, or “your mama” (ie, yo momma)
Finland: the word ravolintolassa covers all swearing; it means “in the restaurant

In Dixie (a foreign land within the US!): a shooter is someone who will do anything for money; usually spoken of minimum-wage earners

The Japanese, Malayans, most Polynesians, and Native Americans do not have swear words. Hit your thumb with a tomahawk and apparently you have to blurt out something like “crow barks” or “horse feathers” or “my mother-in-law

Wik Monkan natives of the Cape York Peninsula (like many cultures) have two levels of insults or swearing:
● Mild: big head, long nose, skinny arms
● Severe: plenty urine, vagina woman mad

In Vietnam, something great is "Number one", while "Number ten" is the lowest possible number, as in "Don't drink paddy water, paddy water number ten!" (thanks to Tim O'Brien's "The Things They Carried" for this line; I never heard this in the US!)

I can imagine this argument:
"Hey turtle, don't you be in the restaurant!"
"Yeah? Well, your mother's ears are number ten, shooter!"

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